How to use VPNC under Linux

If you are using Linux then you can use vpnc (instead of the Cisco-Client) to access to the VPN of the TUBAF from outside or from the WLAN.

To install vpnc use for Opensuse:

  • sudo zypper install vpnc

for RedHat:

  • sudo yum install vpnc

for Ubuntu:

  • sudo apt-get install vpnc

Once vpnc is installed, become root by

  • su


  • sudo bash

and start the VPN-connection by

  • vpnc

in a terminal window. You will be prompted for the host (IPSec gateway), enter (alternatively vpnserver.vpn.tu-freiberg.de which is the same machine), the IPSec ID and the IPSec secret are both the word world. Username und password are your usual TU login data.

To speed the process up you can also create a file vpnc_tubaf.conf with the following content

  • IPSec ID world
  • IPSec gateway vpnserver.vpn.tu-freiberg.de
  • IPSec secret world

After that you can start the VPN connection by

  • vpnc ./vpnc_tubaf.conf

and you only have to type the username and password.