Renewable Energy in Rural Areas

On May 12, the Symposium "Renewable Energy in Rural Areas - A Grasp on Science", organized in cooperation with Pfaffroda and the City-Offensive Saxony "Ab in die Mitte!" took place.

The symposium brought together more than 80 participants from government, industry and the education sectors. Guest speakers and representatives of Pfaffroda informed about the current status of own projects and trends on the renewable energy market. Prof. Jan C. Bongaerts presented a variety of research projects that are mostly carried out by students under the supervision of the Chair's research members.

As special guest Mrs Veronika Bellman, member of the German Federal Parliament gave an introductory statement on "Renewable Energy in Germany".


To obtain the presentations please contact: imreatbwl [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de

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