Biomineralogy and Extreme Biomimetics

Biomimetics is the imitation of natural systems to solve problems, and develop new technology. It is based on understanding the functional principles that make nature tick and implementing them in the form of innovations. Biomimetics is extensively used in the biomineralization and biological materials sciences, where it can inspire lucrative advances in the fields. The objective of the scientific direction is to explore for the first time the mechanisms and principles that underlie biomineralization processes in organisms that habituate in biologically extreme temperature environments, that is those ranging between the freezing point of sea water (-1.9 °C to 4 °C), or in extreme heat (between 60 °C and 98 °C). If we understand the principles of biomineralization underlying survival in these extremes of nature, then it is almost certain that we will understand how to create and to establish the principles of Extreme Biomimetics. The primary aim of mimicking the engineering feats accomplished by these organisms in these extreme niches will allow us to develop a novel generation of biomaterials and biocomposites that possess specific temperature and chemical resistant properties in vitro. The suggested project will contribute to the preparing of the Master Course Program in Biomineralogy and Extreme Biomimetics, to the formation of the novel database entitled “BIOMIN-GLOBE”, and to the formation of the Scientific Biominerals Collection at TU Bergakademie Freiberg, and additionally to the Organization of the first Competence Network “Extreme Biomimetics” in Germany.