Marcin Wysokowski

Email: marcin [dot] wysokowskiatput [dot] poznan [dot] pl

Researcher ID: J-3528-20155
Hirsch index: 21 (Scopus); 25 (Google Scholar)
Cumulative impact factor: 269
Sum of the Times Cited: 1413, without self-citations 1089
Average Citations per Article: 20


01/10/2011-26/01/2016 Poznan University of Technology, Faculty of Chemical Technology – Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Chemical Sciences in the Field of Chemical Technology
Dissertation entitled: – “Development of Novel Inorganic-Organic Chitin-Based Materials Obtained Under Extreme Biomimetic Conditions” – defended with distinction magna cum laude.

01/03/2010-11.07/2011 Poznan University of Technology, Faculty of Chemical Technology – specialization: Chemical and Process Engineering – Master of Science

25/10/2006-10/02/2010 Poznan University of Technology, Faculty of Chemical Technology – specialization: Chemical and Process Engineering – Engineer Degree

Scientific Interests

  • Bioinspired materials
  • Biomimetics and extreme biomimetics
  • Chitin chemistry


  • Prize founded by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education for outstanding young researchers in Poland in 2018.
  • Awarded with the prestigious „START” Prize by the Foundation for Polish Science! The prize is highly competitive and is dedicated to top 100 young researchers in Poland in 2017.
  • Scholarship awarded by Mayor of the City of Poznan for the best young scientists influencing the development of Wielkopolska region.
  • Scientific Achievements Highlighted by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education
  • Two-time laureate of Award supported within the framework of European Social Found for the best Ph.D. students at disciplines considered as strategic for the development of Wielkopolska region.


Book chapters

  1. S. Żółtowska, C. Klinger, I. Petrenko, M. Wysokowski, Y. Joseph, T. Jesionowski, H. Ehrlich (2020)
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  3. M. Wysokowski*, S. Kaiser, T. Jesionowski, (2017) Hydrothermal Synthesis of Advanced Chitin-Based Materials, In: Extreme Biomimetics, Ed. H. Ehrlich (Cham, Springer International Publishing), 223–249.

Publications with peer review process

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