[ZeWaF] – Fridays Lunchbag Seminar

Every Friday at 12:30 pm it′s all about water!

A relaxing Lunchbag seminar will be given each week by Scientists at TU Bergakademie Freiberg and invited specialists in the fields of water and the environment, water and resource technology, and water and energy. In addition, there are cross-sectional topics such as sensors and analytics and digitization. The seminar is around 20 minutes followed by a discussion of 20 minutes. A perfect complement to your Fridays’ lunch!

Everyone interested in the talks is welcome!

Where (online)

Next Talk:

When: "15.07.2022"

Presentation Title: "Transition of dense suspensions from viscous to inertial regimes"

Keynote Speaker: "Dr. Sudarshan Konidena (TU Braunschweig)"

Language: "English"

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