Centres of Competence

Centre of Competence “High-temperature processes – From mechanisms to applications”

The CoC “High-temperature processes – From mechanisms to applications” combines the ZeHS research goals for efficient high-temperature processes, chemical high-temperature process reactors, and high-temperature plants in general, which are essential to the production of most industrial base materials (e.g. metals, ceramics, glass, and base chemicals). Generally speaking, high-temperature process technology is to be advanced to a point where its resource and energy efficiency can be increased while simultaneously enhancing energy density, flexibilization, and electrification. In the medium and long run, the existing expertise about chemical reactors and thermal process technology furnaces is to be bundled, so a comprehensive knowledge base about materials, processes and modeling for a new generation of high-temperature processes can be assembled from all involved fields.
  • Head of the CoC: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Olena Volkova    
  • Representative of the CoC: N.N.

Centre of Competence “High-temperature materials – From materials to components”

The CoC “High-temperature materials – From materials to components” combines the ZeHS research efforts for synthetic, refractory materials. Those constitute the structural foundation for the process environment of all significant high-temperature processes. The CoCs research goal universally orients itself by the broad range of requirements for high-temperature material qualities, so their breaking points and fields of applications can be pushed even further, especially in context with the flexibilization and electrification of high-temperature processes. Next to their high smelting temperature, the category of high-temperature materials is characterized by the requirement of mechanical strength across the complete relevant temperature range, also regarding dynamic behavior. All sections, from resource availability via technological questions, like joining technology, to recycling, are supposed to be portrayed cohesively.
  • Head of the CoC: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christos Aneziris
  • Representative of the CoC: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Horst Biermann