Award regulations

The following awards are presented annually in accordance with the award regulations:

According to a resolution by the Rectorate, the Association of Friends of TU Bergakademie Freiberg will no longer present a Weisbach Award from 2016 on.

The Cotta Award, the Oppel Award and the Agricola Award will still be presented. The latter is presented once a year for outstanding academic achievements by the best graduates (Diploma/Master).

Awardee 2016

Bernhard-von-Cotta Award

  • Philip Rößger, M.Sc.
    "Optimierung eines innovativen Quenchdesigns mit integrierter CO-Konvertierung mit Fluent und modeFRONTIER"
  • Dipl.-Ing. Frank Sandig
    "Untersuchung der spannungs- und verformungsinduzierten α'-Martensitbildung in einem hochlegierten austenitischen Stahl mit 30% Nickel"
  • Dr.-Ing. Christina Wüstefeld
    "Defect engineering in transition metal based nitride thin films by energetic treatment during deposition"
  • Dr. rer. nat. Markus Dod
    "Domination in graphs with application to network reliability"

Picture Cotta Award 2016

Georgius-Agricola Award

  • Dipl.-Math. Daniel Lorenz (Faculty 1)
  • Conrad Hübler, M.Sc. (Faculty 2)
  • Dipl.-Ing. Toni Schmidt (Faculty 3)
  • Nancy Heckel, M.Sc. (Faculty 4)
  • Tina Tauchnitz, M.Sc. (Faculty 5)
  • Sebastian Scholz, B.Sc. (Faculty 6)

Picture Agricola Award 2016

Friedrich-Wilhelm-von-Oppel Award

  • Tina Grundmann
  • Nadja Dittrich

Picture Oppel Award 2016

Awardee 2015

Bernhard-von-Cotta Award

  • Anne Förster, M.Sc.
    "Die neogene Foraminiferen-Mikrofauna am Capo San Marco (Sinis Halbinsel, Sardinien): Biodiversität, Biostratigraphie und paläoökologisch-paläogeographische Schlussfolgerungen"
  • Robert Merkelbach, M.Sc.
    "Technical & Economical Well and Completion Design Analysis for Rühlermoor Re-Development"
  • Dr. rer. nat. Michel Oelschlägel
    "Identification of bacterial styrene oxide isomerases and evaluation of their applicability for the environment-friendly synthesis of phenylacetaldehydes"
  • Dr.-Ing. Michael Budnitzki
    "Constitutive modeling and experimental investigations of phase transitions in silicon under contact loading"

Picture Cotta Award 2015

Julius-Weisbach Award

  • Dr. Cameliu Himcinschi
  • Prof. Johannes Heitmann

Picture Weisbach Award 2015

Friedrich-Wilhelm-von-Oppel Award

  • Henry Agsten

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