Information for externals

As a university we collaborate with the region and the university town of Freiberg. On this page we want pay attention to free educational offers of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, which you can use locally, follow in  livestream or watch as recording. Here are some of them:

  • Kruger Colloquium
  • Annaberg Climate Days
  • Postgraduate trainings
  • Live broadcasts

Krüger Colloquia

The Graduierten- und Forschungsakademie (GraFA) invites prominent scientists to public lectures or talks to Freiberg.  You can find the latest information about the Krüger Colloquia on its web-page.

You also have the opportunity to view all existing videos from the Krüger Colloquia.The latest video: 22. Krüger-Colloquia on the  07 June, 2017 with the topic: "Supplying raw materials and security policy - Challenges for the future".



Annaberg Climate Days

The Annaberg Klimatage is a biennial climate conference. The main idea ist the meeting of renowned international scientists with the representatives  from the region. The current perspectives are discussed. The goal is to make the research on climate change for non-scientific  audience easier to understand. The event will be streamed live. The next Annaberg Climate Days will take place in 2018. The recording of the last events can be found on its YouTube-channel.

Live broadcasting of events

To follow events live from home, we broadcast some of them in the live stream.