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Tourist offers of the university

Unique mineral exhibition

The terra mineralia - the foundation collection presents its treasures in the historical ambience of Freudenstein Castle with over 3,500 minerals, gemstones and meteorites from five continents as the largest and most beautiful mineral exhibition in Germany.

Minerals and deposits in Germany

With the "Mineralogical Collection of Germany" and loans from private collectors and museums, the Krügerhaus in the heart of the city has a unique fund of fascinating exhibits from the most famous sites in Germany.

The University Collections

The Geosciences Collections with the unique partial collections of historical holdings in the Werner Building and the Humboldt Building are among the most important large geosciences collections in the world in terms of the scope and quality of their approximately 80,000 specimens.

Over 250 years of history

The Historicum shows a scientific exhibition on the TU Bergakademie Freiberg. This conveys the close connection between the development of the university and national and international scientific, technical, economic, political and social developments.

Lomonosov in Freiberg

The Lomonosov House at Fischerstr. 39/41 is the first memorial to the Russian polymath Mikhail W. Lomonosov (1711-1765). Lomonosov was the most famous Russian scholar who studied in Freiberg. The house houses a memorial to the great Russian polymath Lomonosov as well as guest rooms and a meeting room.

On the trail of Freiberg scholars

The Freiberg Scholars' Trail is a city walk (2.2 km) to get to know the monuments and places of work of great personalities of Freiberg's history as well as their life and research achievements.

Tourist attractions in the University City of Freiberg

The university town of Freiberg is part of the World Heritage Mining Region Erzgebirge / Krusnohori. Explore the World Heritage Site, listen to the famous Silbermann organ in Freiberg Cathedral, taste Freiberg Eierschecke - more information on sights, guided tours and culture can be found under Culture and Tourism in Freiberg.