Workshop "Managing start-ups with OKR-Framework"

Global networking, dynamic markets and rapid changes require agile entrepreneurial action. Digital organizations such as Google, LinkedIn or Intel are mastering these challenges in an exemplary manner, partly because they rely on the OKR method.

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is an agile framework that focuses on the vision and mission of a company. Clearly formulated goals (Objectives) and their linkage to significant success drivers (Key Results) lead to doing the right things, to more commitment in the team and transparency throughout the company. The goal of the workshop is to get to know the OKR method in more detail and to enable participants to use the framework.


- Why are OKRs particularly useful for tech startups? 

- How OKRs relate to your strategy, mission, values and vision.

- How exactly do OKRs work? Model, structures, process

- Practical example: how to O - KR & how do I formulate good OKRs?

- How to integrate them into daily business?

The speaker Janett Krätzschmar-König is co-founder & managing director of intap network. The Dresden-based startup primarily connects international STEM talents with tech companies and supports both in their growth.

Participation is free of charge, please register by mail to marika [dot] hoyeratsaxeed [dot] net

16. June 2022, 09:00 - 13:00