5 Career-Instruments

From the application to the self-presentation – many students often face the same obstacles when it comes to the job interview. How can I cope with them, especially in work environments where working experience is an absolute requirement?

In the course of this seminar you will experience common practices, learn tipps and tricks for the application process and also how to present yourself in the one and only way: just the way you are!

Afterwards you will be given the chance to analyze your experiences in a personal conversation with the instructor.

This seminar takes place with our ORTE partner Wegweiser Studio.

The number of participants is limited - there will be a small seminar fee, 15 €.

16. December 2021, 10:00 - 16:00
Konferenzraum SIZ, (Prüferstraße 2, SIZ, EG) ODER Online