72. BHT - Freiberger Universitätsforum

In its 72nd edition, the BHT - FREIBERGER UNIVERSITÄTSFORUM again provides insights into highly relevant research at TU Bergakademie Freiberg.

Industry and science are facing the great challenge of developing climate-friendly and environmentally compatible technologies that will secure the future of life on earth. With its diverse research on raw material extraction, material production and energy generation, the Resource University contributes to important innovations in this field.

These "Technologies for Climate Protection" will be the focus of the 72nd BHT - FREIBERGER UNIVERSITÄTSFORUM from June 9 to 11, 2021, and we cordially invite you to attend.

Considering the current global situation, the conference will be virtual. In addition to the half-day, full-day and multi-day technical colloquia, this year for the first time a short colloquium program of 90 minutes each will be offered. So you can look forward to 18 informative program points that will provide valuable insights into the latest findings from research and development and enable an exchange with researchers at TU Bergakademie Freiberg:

Special colloquium programme:

  • FK 1: Freiberger Kolloquium Elektrische Antriebstechnik (FKEA)
  • FK 2: Bergbau und Wasser – Aufgaben für die Gegenwart, Sicherung der Zukunft
  • FK 3: Wasserwirtschaft nach dem Kohleausstieg – Perspektiven für die Lausitz
  • FK 4: Freiberger Stahltag
  • FK 5: Advanced technologies to recover critical metals from primary and secondary resources
  • FK 6: Red Mud - Fundamental progress of the aluminum industry in both economics as well as ecological aspects
  • FK 7: 5. Workshop: Digitalisierung in den Geowissenschaften – Didaktische Nutzung digitaler Objekte
  • FK 10: Akita-Freiberg university partnership – Commemorating Prof. Curt Adolph Netto and exploring the future

Forum of young scientists:

  • FK 8: 15. Freiberg-St. Petersburger Kolloquium junger Wissenschaftler
  • FK 9: 5th Freiberger PhD Conference - From idea to dissertation

Short colloquium programme:

  • KK 1: Mechanical recycling of Lithium-ion batteries – a technological overview
  • KK 2: Nachhaltiges und effizientes Projektmanagement bei der Entwicklung von Bergbaumaschinen - Bausteine für eine integrierte Produktentwicklung
  • KK 3: Alternative carbon sources and H2 utilization
  • KK 4: Sustainability, recycling and secondary metallurgical processes 1
  • KK 5: Sustainability, recycling and secondary metallurgical processes 2
  • KK 6: Microwave applications for sustainable and efficient processes
  • KK 7: Grüne Energie aus Bergbaufolgelandschaften
  • KK 8: Energie- und ressourceneffiziente Produktion in Gießereien

The complete program as well as information about your registration can be found online at: http://tu-freiberg.de/bht

We look forward to your participation.

09. June 2021, 09:00 - 11. June 2021, 18:00
Online/ Präsenz