Lectures on Responsible Consumption and Production

EURECA-PRO (European University Alliance on Responsible Consumption and Production) presents a free online lecture series with leading professors and researchers of our 7 partner universities.

14 lectures on “Responsible Consumption and Production” (RCP) offer an introduction to the following topics:

 - Sustainable Development Goals

- European Union and Culture

- Responsible Mining Approach

- Circular Economy

- sustainability and energy technologies

- key role of materials in responsible production

Innovative solutions for current issues of society and industry focusing on United Nation Sustainable Development Goal 12 “Responsible Consumption and Production” are drafted.

The lectures are open for all students, researchers and academic staff.

Dear students! You will receive a certificate of attendance or you can select the lecture series as a free elective and receive 5 credit points For more information about the RCP lecture series module, click here.

We are looking forward to meeting you at our lectures starting on April 15th, 2021 (1-2.30 p.m. CET) with a lecture by Professor Jan C. Bongaerts from our university:

The lecture “Responsible production and responsible consumption: towards a new paradigm” provides an introduction to the subject of SDG12. The first part deals with theoretical concepts of consumption and the second part contains a definition of responsible production and some case studies on natural resource needs versus recycling, the circular economy and climate neutrality.

15. April 2021, 13:00 - 14:30