Cycling event "Stadtradeln"

Freiberg is cycling for the 10th time again for a good climate!

For the 10th time already, citizens interested in cycling can now register at in order to pedal powerfully in this year's city cycling again. For three weeks from September 4 to 24, as many kilometers as possible can be collected for climate protection and for Freiberg, both professionally and privately.

TU Bergakademie Freiberg competes as a team

Together as a collective of cycling students and employees, we want to pedal as many kilometers as possible and thus contribute our share to a sustainable and healthy environment. Furthermore, with this participation we want to set a further sign for healthy mobility at our institution.

The health management of the TU Freiberg has set up a team account 'TU BERGAKADEMIE FREIBERG' and is waiting for you to register as a participating TU cyclist. You can either create a subgroup/team (faculty, student council, institute, etc.) within TU Freiberg or register in the group of all TU cyclists. Click HERE to join the TU-Bergakademie-Freiberg-Team. Registrations are possible at any time - even until shortly before the end of the promotion period. If you have any questions, just contact Jochen Lessau.

14. September 2020, 16:30 - 24. September 2020, 00:00
Schlossplatz, Freiberg