Exhibition "From the Salt of Life"

A journey into the world of raw materials

Where do the raw materials for mobile phones, bicycles and the like come from? How much raw material extraction do I cause? How is the demand for raw materials changing? Do we have domestic raw materials and how do we use them? The exhibition "The Salt of Life" provides facts, causes amazement and provokes questions. The interactive exhibition makes it playfully comprehensible that the world we live in exists, develops and changes through the extraction and use of raw materials. 

The exhibition "From the Salt of Life" is an interactive exhibition in the old winding machine house at the Reichen Zeche coal mine, Fuchsmühlenweg 9 in Freiberg about the world of raw materials.


Research and training mine Reiche Zeche 

Old winding engine house

Fuchsmühlenweg 9

09599 Freiberg


Opening hours

Wed. - Fr. 10 to 4 pm

Sat./ Sun. 10 to 3 pm


27. August 2020, 10:00 - 31. December 2020, 15:00
Fördermaschinenhaus des Lehr- und Forschungsbergwerks „Reiche Zeche“, Fuchsmühlenweg 9