Phishing mails take advantage of Corona crisis

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Cyber ​​criminals are taking advantage of the corona crisis. Fake e-mails are increasingly circulating, indicating service restrictions, special hygiene measures or discount campaigns. Please be careful when entering personal data and check the authenticity.

Infection risk on the web

There is always a risk of infection on the web, regardless of the corona pandemic. Now cyber criminals are also trying to benefit from the fear of COVID-19 in order to exploit the current increased need for information.


Fake Corona apps and cards are also circulating. These often hide malware that infects the system, picks up and passes on information. There are also ransomware variants that encrypt data on drives and thus ransom money.

Phishing personal data

Pay particular attention when promotions or measures are offered that lead you to a fake website to enter personal information. A link takes you to a website with an authentic looking input mask, asking you to enter personal data. Afterwards this data is sent directly to fraudsters.

List of potential threats

  • Emails from external senders
  • Emails containing links
  • Spelling of URLs
  • Websites asking for personal data
  • Unsigned emails (authenticity of emails)

I entered my data by mistake. What now?

If you have nevertheless entered your data at this point and clicked the "Register" button, the attacker has your data and can do the actual damage.

In this case, please change your password immediately in the IDM portal.

If you have any questions about phishing or IT security or you want to report an IT security incident, please contact the IT Service Desk immediately: servicedeskattu-freiberg [dot] de

Further information

For more information on the current threat situation, we have provided some sources for you to read (only in German):