Eduroam for Android

You can access the wifi network "eduroam" using the app "eduroam CAT" (Configuration Assistant Tool) or by configuring the network parameters manually. Using the app simplifies the configuration by installing the necessary certificates automatically. If you decide to configure the parameters by hand make sure you install and use the certificate to verify a safe connection.

Configuration with the eduroam CAT app

QR-Code: Link to the android app eduroam CAT at the Google Play StoreDownload the eduroam CAT App from the Google Play Store.

Use this link or scan the QR code on the left.

Alternative: Download now (APK file, Google Play Store is not required)

eduroamCAT: search for TU Bergakademie Freiberg

The app requests several permissions (e.g. location, wireless services and files and media). For a proper funtioning of the app these requests must be accepted.

The app provides you the nearest locations of eduroam network providers.

If you are near or in Freiberg you should see the entry for "TU Bergakademie Freiberg". Tap on it to start the download of the new profile.

If you do not see an entry named "TU Bergakademie Freiberg" you are maybe to far away from the location or you disabled the geolocation service. Use the "Manual Search" on the bottom of the page end enter "freiberg" into the search field. Afterwards you should see the appropriate entry in the list.

download of the configuration fileMake sure that "TU Bergakademie Freiberg" is selected as institution. If not, select it from the drop down menu. Your operating system should be recognized automatically.

If this failed, choose your operating system from the drop down menu. Go on by tapping on the button labelled "Do you have an account at this institution? ..."

download of the configuration fileAn overview with support information is shown, scroll down and tap "Download installer for <your android version>"

After the download is completed open the configuration file.

install configurationThe eduroam CAT app comes up and informs you about the downloaded eduroam profile. To establish a secured connection make sure that the parameters are the same as in the picture on the left. 

Tap on "Install".


confirm the installation of the configurationTap on "Yes" to confirm and proceed with the installation.

enable a lock patternIf you have already protected your phone by setting a pattern lock or a PIN you do not have to do this step.

Otherwise you will be asked to enable a pattern lock or a PIN to secure the partition where the user certificates are installed and managed. 

enter login credentialsNow you have to enter your login credentials.

For username you have to enter your URZ login followed by "".

For example, if your login is "doe" you have to type "doeattu-freiberg [dot] de".

Enter your URZ password in the field "password".

Finally tap "Install".

installation successful completedAfter the configuration is completed all check marks for the current device configuration should be green.

You can close the app now. If your device detects an eduroam network it will connect to it automatically.

Installation with the geteduroam app (recommended from Android 11)

Since there may be configuration problems with the eduroam CAT app in connection with Android 11 (as of April 2021), the geteduroam App is recommended for devices with Android 11.

Download the geteduroam app from the Google Playstore or App Store.

Use this link (Google Play Store) or scan the QR code on the left.

After launching the app, click the "Select your organization..." field.

Now search for "TU Bergakademie Freiberg" by entering "Freiberg" in the search field.

Confirm your selection by tapping on the corresponding entry.

Confirm the selection of "TU Bergakademie" by tapping on "Next".

Now enter your access data.

As user name use your central URZ login followed by "".

As password use your central URZ password.

Now connect to eduroam by tapping on "CONNECT TO NETWORK".

The setup is now complete and eduroam is stored as a WLAN profile.

Manual configuration

The style of the layout varies from Android version to Android version, but the general procedure is identical.

QR Code for T-Telesec Root CA2At first you have to download a CA certificate. 

You have to use the root certificate "T-Telesec Global Root Class 2" to establish a secure connection. 

You can download it by scanning the QR code to the left or using this link.

install certificateYou will be prompted to name the certificate, use something recognizable like"Telesec G2".

Note: Some Androids have problems when special characters are used in the certificate's name. So use only alphanumeric characters.

Chose "Wi-Fi" as Credential User.

Proceed with"OK".

enable a lock patternIf you have already protected your phone by setting a pattern lock or a PIN code you do not have to do this step.

Otherwise you will be asked to enable a pattern lock or a PIN to secure the partition where the user certificates are installed and managed. 

Android. Settings - WifiOpen "Settings" and select the entry "Network & Internet".

Android: Network and Internet, Wi FiNow tap on "Wi-Fi".

Android: select eduroamIf the eduroam network is reachable from your current position it will be shown. Tap on it.

Android: eduroam configConfigure the dialog:

Security: 802.1x EAP

EAP-Method: PEAP or TTLS (Android 11)

Phase2-Authentication: MSCHAPv2

CA-Certificate: Telesec G2 (or what name you gave it in the second step)


Identity: <YourLogin> (for example mustermattu-freiberg [dot] de)

Anonymous Identity: eduroamattu-freiberg [dot] de

Password: Your URZ-Password

Be careful, that the Certificate and the anonymous identity are set correctly.

Tap on "Save" and connect to the eduroam network.