Calendar synchronization for Horde users

Calendar synchronization for Horde users

The calendar of your smartphone can be synchronized with your Horde calendar of the university using the CalDAV protocol.

The template for these instructions comes from Prof. Reihnbach.

Note: The instructions do not work for Exchange users.

Apple iOS (via the CalDav Protocol)

All Apple iOS devices support CalDAV even without additional software.

Open the Settings app and navigate to Mail, Contacts, Calendar → Add Account… → Other → (Calendar section) Add CalDAV Account.

Username: central login
Password: associated password
Description: freely selectable, e.g. university calendar

Click on Next. Then activate Calendar (and reminders) and complete the setup with Save.

Android (with the DAVdroid-App)

Click on Download APK (not on 'Download F-Droid'). You don't necessarily have to download the F-Droid Store to install the app. But with it you could keep the app up to date.

Installing apps from other sources than the Google Play Store you will be asked to allow apps from unknown sources.

Welcome page of the app, at the bottom right is the button for adding an accountOpen the DAVdroid app and add a new account by tapping "+" in the lower right corner.

Step add account: enter exemplary informationSelect Login with a URL and user name.

CalDAV account address:

Use the university login and the
associated password.

Then tap on Login.

If there is an error, check your username and password. You can also display the password with the eye symbol.

Create account step: Enter the email address as the account name and select the contact group methodNow select the contact group method: Groups are categories of contacts.

Tap Create Account in the lower right.

Then tap on the account you just added (orange field).

Overview of address books and calendars, with the calendar selected by the userDAVdroid now synchronizes your calendar at regular intervals, by default when the calendar changes in the phone or after 240 minutes. To change this and other settings, tap the gear in the top right corner.

In your calendar app, when you create a new (test) appointment, select the university calendar so that newly created entries on the phone are entered in the Horde calendar instead of in the Google calendar.

Your calendar app may also have a setting to choose a default calendar.