Microsoft Exchange: frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I archive older, not permanently needed emails?

The URZ advises that emails should not be stored in the inbox or sub-folders of the mailbox for long periods of time. Please create a local (archive) folder in your home drive, to which you move older emails at regular periods of time.

The configuration of the Outlook client fails, I cannot access the Exchange server.

Please make sure that you are using the correct server address:

The standard mailbox size of 2 GB is not enough. Can I request an expansion of the post office box?

An expansion of the mailbox is possible for professors up to 10 GB. For other employees, the expansion is possible depending on the availability of sufficient storage space resources.

To request an expansion of the post office box, please send an informal request via email to servicedeskattu-freiberg [dot] de. You can find the full process for expanding mailboxes here.

I would like to set up an institutional mailbox or a resource mailbox (e.g. for a bookable room or projector), including a calendar.

Institutional mailbox

New function accounts for use as shared mailboxes for several users can be requested via the identity management system under the corresponding function “Create function account” (Funktionskonto anlegen).

Please note that the prerequisite for this is that all authorized employees must use Microsoft Exchange. Separate instructions will follow shortly. Alternatively via a form.

Ressource mailbox

For a bookable room or projector, please use the completed form and send it by in-house mail:

Bernhard-von-Cotta Straße 1

Or by Fax: +49 3731 39-4020

You are also welcome to bring your application in person (room 4.02).

In the period before the Exchange mailbox is fully activated by the URZ (see process of adjustment), only some of the emails sent to me will be delivered to my old conventional mailbox.

Before the complete changeover to your new mailbox, which is done by redirecting the old UNIX-based mailbox, the messages that are sent from an MS Exchange-based sender mailbox are delivered directly to your new mailbox.

It is therefore necessary that you check both mailboxes for the period of the changeover:

  • Your old mailbox in the conventional way (e.g. Thunderbird or another email client or via Horde Webmail)
  • Your new Exchange based mailbox (e.g. Outlook or Webowa)

I have maintained my email notification of absence (vacation notification) on the website of the university data center. Now colleagues have announced that they have not received a report after sending a message to me.

The absence message (Vacation message) is only suitable for users of the conventional UNIX-based email service. Exchange and Outlook users please use the internal vacation message in Outlook.

During the conversion phase, in which you have an Exchange and UNIX-based mailbox, the out-of-office message must be maintained in Outlook (via the web client) and in the conventional way (Vacation).