Using two-factor authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a way to protect your Nextcloud account against unauthorized access. It works by requiring two different ‘proofs’ of your identity. For example, the first factor is something you know (like a password) and the second factor can be a text message you receive or a code you generate on your phone or another device.

Configuring the 2FA

Logindaten angebenTo configure the authentication, log in to Ownsky. Enter your URZ login and password.

Security siteClick on your username in the upper right corner. From there, select 'Settings' > 'Security'.

Note: You should always generate and save the backup codes for the 2FA.

Backup-CodesIf your 2nd factor device gets stolen or is not working, you will be able to use one of these codes to unlock your account. It effectively functions as a backup 2nd factor.

To get the backup codes look under Second-factor Auth settings. Choose "Generate backup codes".

TOTP FreigabeAfter checking the box 'Enable TOTP', a QR code will be displayed which can be scanned by the TOTP app on your phone or another device.

Enter the code or scan the QR code. Your device will show an authentication login code that changes every 30 seconds. This code must be entered quickly. Then click on 'Verify'.

TOTP aktiviertAfter successfully entering the code, the blue box with a check mark will appear. The 2FA has been configured successfully.

Übersicht verbundene Geräte und SitzungenUnder 'Devices & Sessions' ​you can manage them.

Login mit TOTP-AppAfter you logged out and log in again, you will be prompted to enter the TOTP code in your browser.

Enter the code, if it is correct you will be redirected to your Nextcloud account.

Login mit Backup-codesIf you don't have the TOTP app, you can click on 'Use backup code'. Use one code, then click 'Submit'. You will be redirected to your Nextcloud account.

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