Network drive: Connection for Windows and Linux

Open the Windows Explorer and navigate to This PC. In the upper menu barselect Computer » Map network drive.

  1. Select Folder and fill in the correct path to the network of your choosing: 
    • For any network location in general: \\\Share (e.g. zuv)
    • For your university home drive: \\\URZ-User-ID (e.g.. ab12defg)
    • For the software drive: \\\software
    • For connection to the Intranet: \\\www\tubaf\intranet\\Path_to_your_share (e.g. zuv)
  2. Set check mark Connect using different credentials
  3. Insert domain (ad) and login (URZ-User-ID): ad\URZ-User-ID
  4. Insert password: your URZ-User-ID password

Afterwards you may open your newly added network drive in your Windows Explorer window and will find yourself in the newly added folder.

Note for Linux / Unix-Users

You may tie-in your drive via mount_smbfs 

Note for logging-in from outside the Campus network

It is possible to access your connection to the web server from outside the Campus network. You just need a VPN connection to the network. A manual can be found here: VPN access into the network of TU Freiberg