Jabber client: How to install and use

Use of the Jabber client

Step 1: download the client

Please install the client.

Step 2: Link between login and phone number

The central login must be linked to the phone number. The Jabber client with the business phone number can then be used for incoming and outgoing phone connections.

Please contact servicedeskattu-freiberg [dot] de. In order to minimize the effort, we do not recommend individual requests. Ideally, the decentralized administrators provide us with the most complete possible list of login phone number assignments.

Step 3: client setup (Windows 10)

Note: In order to be able to use the Jabber client from outside the university (campus data network), an active VPN connection must exist (as described here: https://tu-freiberg.de/en/urz/anleitungen/vpn).

Screenshot Jabber clientOpen the Jabber client.

Enter your email address in the input field: max [dot] mustermannatabbreviation [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de

Click on Continue.

Screenshot loginUsername: central login

Password: associated password

Now click on Login.

Step 4: manual Client setup if login fails

If the automatic login fails, try to login by entering the server data manually:

Advanced Settings Jabber-ClientClick on "Advanced settings" (see first picture in Step 3 [german text: Erweiterte Einstellungen])

Choose account type Cisco Communications Manager 9 or later

Choose "Use the following server" and type the server name in the corresponding field:


Click on Save.

Then continue with the instructions in Step 3.

Cisco Jabber for Windows 11.0 User Guide

Selection of functions according to the Cisco manual

  • Availability
    • personal status report
  • Contacts
    • Directory groups
    • external contacts
    • Import contact lists
  • Chats
    • Search in the chat window
    • Group chat
    • File transfer
    • Chat rooms
  • Calls
    • Redirect
  • Conferences
    • Add account
    • Conference options

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