Schematic representation of the file transfer

With Filetransfer you can forward a file (up to 2 GB in size) to other people, including external persons. This takes place without sharing a file, without the cloud and without passing on passwords.

How does the file transfer work?

  • The sender logs on to the system with his URZ password, enters the recipient's email address and uploads his files to the server.
  • The recipient receives an email from the system. This contains a link (which cannot be determined by uninvolved third parties) that is used to download the file from the server (Download).

How does the activation work?

The reverse is also possible: An external partner who does not have a URZ login can forward data to you. But first you have to activate the Filetransfer tool.

Log into the system with your URZ password and enter the email address of your external partner. The system will send an email to this address. This contains the activation code. The external partner can use this code to register themselves on the system as the sender and to upload their files to the server for you.