Eduroam for iPhone/iPad/iPod

Setup with configuration file (recommended)

QR Code für iOS Konfigurationsdatei

Please download the configuration file via your browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.) and connect with the network. You can either use the following link or scan the QR code on the left (since iOS 11 you can use your camera app).

Download configuration file

For logging in please use the TU Bergakademie Freiberg userid (same as for OPAL, Horde, etc.) and your associated password.

Problems occurring since updating to iOS 11 can be solved by renewing the configuration process of your wifi network.

When connecting to the eduroam wifi for the first time since configuration, please ensure a good signal strength. Multiple connection attempts might be necessary.


Short manual for manual setup (iPhone) 

Bildliche Darstellung von Schritt 1Open the settings of your device.

Bildliche Darstellung von Schritt 2Choose "Wifi"

Bildliche Darstellung von Schritt 3Choose the network "eduroam" from the list of available networks.

Bildliche Darstellung von Schritt 4Insert your TU Bergakademie Freiberg userid and password and select  "Connect".  If you would like to use your access to the network "eduroam" at other educational facilities, you will have to add the REALM "" to your userid, e.g. "". We advise to add this in general.

Bildliche Darstellung von Schritt 5Confirm the certification request with the button "Annehmen".

Bildliche Darstellung von Schritt 6After a few moments you should now be connected to the network.