Eduroam for Windows 8

To establish a connection to eduroam, you need to navigate to the Network and Sharing Center. There are several ways how to get there. Right Click on the Windows symbol on the bottom left and select Control panel, in the control panel click on Network and Internet and afterwards click on Network and Sharing Center.

Another way to navigate to the Network and Sharing Center is to right click on your wifi menu in the bottom right and select Open and Network and Sharing Center.


Desktopleiste wlan nicht aktiviert

eduroam-NetzwerkeinstellungenClick on Set up a new connection or network.

eduroam-NetzwerkeinstellungenSelect Manually connect to a wireless network and click on Next.


eduroam-NetzwerkeinstellungenIn the following select Network name and type in eduroam. 

For security type choose WPA2-Enterprise.

Set the check mark to Start this connection automatically.

Click on Next.

eduroam-NetzwerkeinstellungenClick on Change connection settings.

eduroam-NetzwerkeinstellungenSelect the Security tab. 

Security type: WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption type: AES
Network authentication method: Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP)

Click on Settings.

eduroam-NetzwerkeinstellungenIn Trusted Root Certification Authorities, set the check mark for T-Telesec GlobalRoot Class2.

Set the check mark for Enable Identity Privacy and type in anonymous. 

Click on Configure...

eduroam-NetzwerkeinstellungenMake sure that this check mark is empty.

Click on Ok.

Click on Ok in the next window (Protected EAP Properties)

eduroam-NetzwerkeinstellungenIn the eduroam Wireless Network Properties window, click on Advanced settings.

eduroam-NetzwerkeinstellungenSet the check mark for Specify authentication mode and select User authentication.

Optional: Click on Save credentials.

User name: YourURZloginattu-freiberg [dot] de

Password: YourURZpassword

eduroam-NetzwerkeinstellungenClose all open windows with Ok. Afterwards click on the Wifi symbol in your task bar (bottom right).

eduroam-NetzwerkeinstellungenClick on eduroam.

eduroam-NetzwerkeinstellungenIf you haven't already saved your credentials, a new window will pop up, asking you for user name and password. 

User name: YourURZloginattu-freiberg [dot] de

Password: YourURZpassword