Eduroam: Change of password for Windows 8.1

After changing your central password (Instruction: Change of password), you need to update the saved eduroam connection as well.

Case A) Automatic prompt by Windows:

Benutzername und Kennwort eingebenIn general you will be prompted to insert your new login data when connecting to the network  "eduroam", since your old password has expired.

Fill in "yourURZloginattu-freiberg [dot] de" in the upper field, and your new password in the bottom one.

After clicking on OK, you will now be connected to the eduroam network. 

Case B) Manual change of your login data

If you are not explicitly prompted to insert your new password, you need to configure the eduroam connection again. 

WLAN SymbolClick on the network symbol in the bottom right.

eduroam Netzwerk nicht speichern

Right click on the network "eduroam" and select "Forget this network".

You may now configure your new eduroam connection as described here: Eduroam for Windows 8.

Remember to use your new password when configuring the new network entry.