BigBlueButton: Notes for participants

Participate in a conference

To participate, enter the virtual room at the agreed time. All you need is a web browser. We recommend Google Chrome. In principle, it also works with any other browser, but the resource utilization is not ideal.

For protected rooms, you enter the access code.

Three variants

There are different variants to participate in a web conference (active speaker or listener).

  1. Listening:
    • Ask questions and write comments in the chat
    • Microphone usage can still be activated later (listener icon "end audio")
  2. With microphone:
    • Important: allow web browser to access microphone
    • Try echo test until quality is good
    • Use headset with microphone to suppress background noise
  3. With phone:
    • First enter room via web browser for PIN
    • call specified number and enter PIN
    • Note: This is only possible after another participant has opened the conference via the web browser and activated his audio in the browser.

Important notes

  • Enter correct name before participation
  • Turn off the camera if it is a lecture or a web seminar with many participants
  • Test the microphone beforehand
  • Mute the microphone first and activate it only if necessary (left button at the bottom).
  • Avoid intermediate sounds and disturbing noises (e.g., panting, using the keyboard).

Customize the view

During the conference, you can set up the environment yourself, for example, zoom in on the presentation or videos. There is no default view set by the presenter.

In the bar on the left you can see when something changes in the chat or in the notes.

You can switch the conference to full screen mode using the "Points menu" in the upper right corner. If you have problems with the processing power of your device or a low Internet data rate, you will find the option here under "Settings ? Data volume saving" to turn off the videos of all participants and also to deactivate animations. All other participants will continue to see videos. You will also find the "Leave conference" item here, which you can use to end your participation in the conference.

On YouTube you can find an instructional video (in English) that explains how to use BigBlueButton.