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Welcome to the International Centre!

The International Centre (IUZ) is an institution of TUBAF. It consists of the International Office and IUZ – Languages.

IUZ - Languages is divided into German as a Foreign Language and Foreign Languages.

At TU Bergakademie Freiberg, we believe in the power of global collaboration and cross-cultural experiences. Our International Centre is your gateway to a world of opportunities. Whether you're a student seeking international education or looking for a student exchange, a researcher looking to connect with peers worldwide, or an institution eager to partner with us, you've come to the right place.

Quick Access

International Office

  • Erasmus+
  • Application and administration of DAAD projects
  • Administration of the Bilateral Agreements with all partners
  • Advising students / university staff
  • Supporting incoming students before and during their stay at TUBAF
  • Administration of mobilities (students, academic and non-academic staff)
  • Administration of databases and EU portals

  • Advice on formalities and funding programmes
  • Point of contact for organisational issues
  • Administration of funding programmes
  • Advice for vulnerable or at-risk researchers

Further information

  • Workshops on intercultural communication and awareness-raising
  • Project "International Students in Schools "
  • The IUZ is the interface to the Working Group of Foreign Students (AKAS), to STURA and the student councils as well as to the student union.

IUZ – Languages

Preparatory German courses are intensive courses that serve to prepare you for studying in German language. Prospective students can attend intensive German courses at levels B2 and C1. The C1 course ends with the DSH examination (German Language Examination for University Admission, in German "Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang").

Are you studying in an English-language Master's program, are you an exchange student, doctoral student, intern or employee at TUBAF? Then you can expand your German language skills in a course accompanying your studies.

IUZ – Languages offers all students opportunities for university-specific, professionally-oriented language training (e.g. English, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Chinese) which is intended to enable oral and written communication for study purposes (mobility programmes) and for later professional activity.

Students of all disciplines can choose from a range of general language / specialist language-oriented courses and specialist language courses in both the basic and advanced study programmes or in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs. You will find this selection of languages offered in the menu on the left.

The guiding goals of foreign language education are the promotion of English as a scientific lingua franca and the promotion of multilingualism. In this way, we orient our education towards the European Union's goal that every EU citizen should be able to speak two languages in addition to his or her mother tongue, as well as towards the goals and specifications of the Bologna Process.

Ein helles, mehrstöckiges Gebäude (Altbau) mit eisernem Fahnenmast über dem bogenförmig geschwungenen Eingang mit der Aufschrift "Bergakademie" und den Symbolen des Bergbaus, Hammer und Eisen gekreuzt, darunter 2 altertümliche Straßenlaternen
Location of the International Office
University Main Building, Akademiestraße 6
Ein helles, mehrstöckiges Gebäude mit einem Café im Erdgeschoss, davor auf dem Fußweg stehen Tische und Stühle und die etwa 2 Meter hohen, farbenfrohen Buchstaben S, I und Z
Location of IUZ – Languages
University Building Prüferstraße 2