Wednesday, June 28, 2017
5.00 - 7.00 pmopening conference office / information center at the student house “Alte Mensa”, Petersstraße 5
8.00 pmGuided tour "terra mineralia" (Duration approx. 1,5 hour)
Thursday, June 29, 2017
8.00  amopening conference office / information center at the student house “Alte Mensa”, Petersstraße 5
9.30 - 10.30 am Opening ceremony by
Susanne Kandler (Director of University Library Freiberg)
Dr. Eva-Maria Stange (Saxony's Minister of State for Arts and Sciences – patroness of the conference)
Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Barbknecht (Rector of TU Bergakademie Freiberg)
Sven Krüger (Mayor of the city Freiberg)
Prof. Dr. h.c. Reinhadt Schmidt (Chairman of the Higher Education Council | Chief mining ret.)
10:30 - 11.15 amOpening lecture
Abraham Gottlob Werner in literature and science
Prof. Dr. Dietrich Stoyan (former Rector of TU Bergakademie Freiberg) / Prof. Dr. Karl-Armin Tröger (TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany)
11.20 - 11.35 amThe visitor book of TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Annett Wulkow (University Archive of TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany)
 Presentation of the Werner medal in 2017
by Prof. Dr. Klaus Spitzer (Dean of the Faculty 3)
 Wreath of the Rectorate
12.00 – 1.15 pmLunch break / Poster presentations
Panel 1 - Colors
1.20 – 1.35 pmChanging the way we see the World: Werner’s Nomenclature of Colors and Edinburgh
Peter Davidson / Mary Nemeth
(National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
1.40 - 1.55 pmRocks, colors and maps – Abraham Gottlob Werner and the geological field survey of electoral Saxony
Dr. Kathrin Polenz (Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Germany)
2.00 - 2.15 pmTechnology transfer in geosciences – mining cartography
Horst Michaely
(TH Georg Agricola Bochum, Germany)
2.20 - 2.35 pmSilver-white, smalt blue and copper red – Abraham Gottlob Werner and the development and spreading of color standards in early mineralogy
Dr. André Karliczek
(Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Germany)
2.40 - 3.10 pmBreak
Panel 2 - Mineralogy
3.10 - 3.25 pmFrom Romé de I’Isle to Werner, the history of the “Grand Saphir” of the French Crown Jewels
Prof. Dr. François Farges (Museum national d’Histoire naturelle Paris, France)
3.30 - 3.45 pm„Prodromus Crystallographiae de Crystallis improprie sic dictis commentarium“. The first crystallographic documentation in the history of crystallography by Moritz Anton Cappeller (1685 – 1769)
Dr. Margret Hamilton (Archive of Universität Wien, Austria)
 afterwardsGuided tour "terra mineralia" (Duration approx. 1 hour)
7.30 pmAbraham Gottlob Werner and his collections
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Heide (TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany) This event takes place as part of the Freiberg Colloquium.
Friday, June 30, 2017
8 am opening conference office / information center at the student house “Alte Mensa”, Petersstraße 5
Panel 3 - Collections
9.00 - 9.15 amHandwritten mineralogical tables from the turn of the 18th/19th century at Teleki Library, Marosvásárhely (Tȃrgu Mureş)
Prof. Dr. István Viczián (University Debrecen / Hungary)
9.20 - 9.35 amMethods of knowledge transfer in geosciences: objects, collections and participants in European environment of the mining academy and Abraham Gottlob Werner
Anke Tietz (Geosciences collection TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany)
9.40 - 9.55 amAbraham Gottlob Werner and the minerals defeat at Bergakademie Freiberg
Julia Petzak (Institute for History of Science and Technology, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany)
10.00 - 10.15 amOn the historical crystal model sets in the Mineral Collections of Abraham Gottlob Werner of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Johan Kjellman (Museum of Evolution, Uppsala University / Sweden)
10.20 - 10.50 amBreak
Panel 4 - Networks Saxony
10.50 - 11.05 amDresden’s mineral collectors in 18th century and their connection to Abraham Gottlob Werner
Jenny Brückner
(Bischofswerda / Germany)
11.10 - 11.25 amAbraham Gottlob Werner and his relations to the residential city of Dresden
Prof. Dr. Klaus Thalheim
(Senckenberg Naturhistorische Sammlungen Dresden, Museum for Mineralogy and Geology, Section Mineralogy / Germany)

11.30 - 11.45 am

The correspondence between Abraham Gottlob Werner and Nathanael Gottfried Leske
Michael Leh
(Neschwitz / Germany)
11.50 - 12.05 pmAdolf Traugott von Gersdorf’s geoscientific networks and those in the Upper Lusatian society of science around 1800
Matthias Wenzel / Philipp Scholze
(Görlitzer Sammlungen für Geschichte und Kultur / Germany)
12.10 - 1.25 pmLunch break
Panel 5 - International networks I
1.25 - 1.40 pmAbraham Gottlob WERNER in Austria - his reception and the source location
Dr. Sabine Stadler (Vienna / Austria)
1.45 - 2.00 pmTeaching Werner to the New World: Geognosy in the School of Mines of Mexico, 1795 – 1805
Francisco Omar Escamilla González / Dra. Lucero Morelos-Rodríguez
(Responsable del Acervo Histórico del Palacio de Minería; Facultad de Ingeniería – UNAM, Mexiko-City / Mexiko)
2.05 - 2.20 pmRobert Jameson and William Scoresby Jr. – an unusual friendship
Prof. Dr. Christian Holtorf
(Hochschule Coburg / Germany)
2.25 - 2.40 pmInformation on the history of impact of Abraham Gottlob Werner on Hungary
Dezső Gurka, PhD (Gál Ferenc Hochschule Szeged / Hungary)
2.45 - 3.15 pmBreak
Panel 6 - International networks II
3.15 - 3.30 pmHuttonian scholars in a Wernerian society
Péter Rózsa (Department of Mineralogy und Geology, University of Debrecen / Hungary)
3.35 - 3.50 pmWerner’s connections to Bohemia
Dr. Michal Urban (Joachimsthal / Czech Republic) / Jens Kugler (Sächsisches Oberbergamt Freiberg / Germany)
3.55 - 4.10 pmThe gemstone collection of Abraham Gottlob Werner: scientific indexing, digitalization and comparison with contemporary Saxon collections
Shijia Gao (Geowissenschaftliche Sammlungen TU Bergakademie Freiberg / Germany)
5.00 pmVisit of Werner’s mineral collection
Andreas Massanek (Curator of the collection, TU Bergakademie Freiberg / Germany)
7.00 pm

Evening event at Brauhof Freiberg, Körnerstraße 2, 09599 Freiberg

Ceremonial lecture
„Monists and reformists lodges – Why nature scientists felt connected to Freemasonry in the 19th century“
Prof. Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Grün (Chairman of Freimaurerische Forschungsgesellschaft, Frankfurt/a.M. / Germany)

Saturday, July 1, 2017
 8.00 am - 7.00 pmfull-day excursion