Signature - Barcode - Shelf location


The signature is a combination of numbers, which is listed in the catalog at the respective book title. For monographs she gives information about the acquisition year and the book format.


The barcode is an individual marking of media. At the same time, the barcode designates the location for the closed stacks (monographs) of the University Library. When ordering media (monographs) from the closed stacks, it is important to give the barcode of the medium at the counters on the first floor and second floor.

Shelf location

All book holdings in the open access area of the library are systematically organized. The shelf location marks the location of the book within a literature department and leads to the book..

The respective shelf location can be taken from the item display in the catalog. Within the subject group the titles are sorted alphabetically by the first author (if 1 - 3 authors are mentioned) or by title (if more than 3 authors, editors etc. are mentioned). The first three letters are given as an ordinal element on the notation sign.