Doctoral theses

Doctoral theses are listed in the catalog and shelved in the closed stacks. They can be ordered and borrowed for the use outside the Library.

If you are going to publish your own thesis, the Regulations for the Award of Doctorates at the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg apply.

Kind of publicationThe Library will get
Publisher edition5 printed copies
Publication of fundamental ideas and results in internationally recognized journals5 printed copies
Online publication5 printed copies + Upload to Qucosa a (details see below)
Other5 printed copies + another 20 copies in printed form or as microfiches ( resp. 75 copies for theses on economics and humanities)

The following restrictions apply to the printed version:

  • The title page has to abide the standards of the doctorate regulations.
  • The book sizes we accept are DIN A4, A5 or intermediate sizes.
  • The pages can be printed one-sided or double-sided.
  • The binding can be hard cover or softcover (paperback), but no spiral binding.
We recommend the online publication of your thesis on our Open Access Repository Qucosa.

It is possible to publish your thesis in a commercial publishing house and on Qucosa. If you plan this, you should transfer non-exclusive rights of use or make additional agreements with the publisher to retain the right to deposit your work on a non-commercial repository. The SHERPA/RoMEO database informs about publisher’s policies regarding Open Access.

You will have to give us 5 printed copies and the agreement form.

For the upload of your electronic thesis, please use the input wizard.

To the electronic version applies:

  • The full text has to be a PDF (or better: PDF/A, the modern standard for long-term archiving). It has to be identical with the printed thesis.
  • Please check the file carefully for errors and clarify with publishers, co-authors, editors, business partners, etc., that you are not violating the rights of third parties.

Please proceed like this:

  1. Input of the metadata and upload of the PDF through the input wizard
  2. Print, fill out and sign the agreement form
  3. Come to the Library with the five printed copies and the agreement form (only with appointment)

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