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Grafik mit Fahrrädern vor der Campussilhouette

Start your studies mobile - raffle of bicycles

There is a special highlight for the start of the winter semester:
24 new students will receive a trekking bike to use free of charge for the duration of their studies.
The short distances in the university town to the lecture, to the refectory or to the university sports course can thus be covered quickly and climate-friendly.

How are the bicycles awarded?

The possibility to use the trekking bikes will be raffled among all interested participants.

The raffle for German students is during the introduction event on 2.10.2023 at 8:30 am in the Audimax.

The raffle for international students is on 6.10.23 during the introduction event / Introduction Part 1.

Who can receive a bike?

All first semester students enrolled at TU Freiberg as well as master students who are new at the university can participate in the raffle.

How is the use of the bicycles regulated?

Die Gewinner und Gewinnerinnen der Verlosung erhalten zusammen mit dem Trekking-Bike einen Überlassungsvertrag, in dem die Rahmenbedingungen zur Nutzung geregelt sind. Die Fahrräder werden für die Zeit des Studiums zur Verfügung gestellt und gehen im Anschluss an den Fahrrad-Fuhrpark der Universität zurück.

Where can the bike be repaired?

Every Tuesday at 5 pm there is a repair meeting of the university bicycle club, which can be used free of charge. A repair is possible by appointment.

Grafik mit Fahrrädern vor der Campussilhouette