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Guidance on Study Orientation

Information, orientation, and advice on choosing a course of study provided by the Central Student Advisory Service

Information and advice provided by the International Office for international prospective students.

Information and advice on application and enrollment for studies provided by the university's admissions office.

The university takes care of the needs of students with disabilities or chronic illnesses. Help and support can be found with the Disability Officer of the university.

Dr.-Ing. Gert Schmidt, Disability Officer of the University Agricolastraße 17 +49 3731 39-3524, [at] (gert[dot]schmidt[at]ikfvw[dot]tu-freiberg[dot]de)

Advice for Students

The Student Office supports and advises students throughout their course of study. Students can find the contact persons for their degree program on the Student Office's website.

You don't have to face this wonderful challenge alone. Childcare facilities, diaper-changing, and play areas are available on campus. If you are expecting a child, please contact your designated contact person at the Student Office to address any organizational questions regarding your course of study.

For further information and advice, the Student Services' Social Counseling is your point of contact.

The period of studying, especially in the early years, can be a sensitive phase for LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual/Aromantic) individuals. Often, this is the time when coming out occurs.

If you encounter any issues related to coming out during your studies, you can confidently reach out to Dr. Kristina Wopat: kristina.Wopat [at] (kristina[dot]Wopat[at]grafa[dot]tu-freiberg[dot]de), +49 3731 39-3026.

In case of discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation, the Equal Opportunities Representatives of the faculties are the designated contact persons.

Furthermore, the student body offers the AG QueErz, a working group dedicated to advocating for the concerns of the LGBT*QIA+ community at the university.

Preparing for career entry during your studies, obtaining information about the job market, pursuing a career in academia - the Career Center provides support to students, graduates, and doctoral candidates.

The social counseling service of the Student Services offers students a wide range of topics and issues for consultation. Questions regarding study financing, employment during studies, or health insurance can be addressed, as well as inquiries about social benefits, housing, or child benefits.

The psychosocial counseling center of the Student Services is available to all students facing work-related and examination difficulties, crises in their studies, or personal challenges.


When it comes to financing their studies, students in Germany have various funding and support options available to them. One of the most well-known options is BAföG (Federal Training Assistance Act), which provides financial support in the form of grants and/or interest-free loans. The Studentenwerk Freiberg offers comprehensive information and counseling services on study financing. In addition, there are numerous foundations and study support organizations that award scholarships to talented students. Learn more about study financing.

Student Services, Counseling, Engagement

The Student Council of TUBAF is a contact point for students during their studies. As a democratically elected student representation, the StuRa represents the interests and needs of the students in committees. The Student Council provides information and advice on matters such as course progression, examinations, study financing, and social issues. If there is a need for discussion, students can also turn to the Student Council.

The student councils represent the interests of the students within a faculty. The members of the student council actively engage in the work of the student council and advocate for the concerns of their fellow students.


  • Student Council 1 - Mathematics and Computer Science, fsr1 [at] (fsr1[at]stura[dot]tu-freiberg[dot]de) 
  • Student Council 2 - Chemistry and Physics, fsr2 [at] (fsr2[at]stura[dot]tu-freiberg[dot]de) 
  • Student Council 3 - Earth Sciences, Geotechnics, and Mining, fsr3 [at] (fsr3[at]stura[dot]tu-freiberg[dot]de)
  • Student Council 4 - Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering, and Energy Technology, fsr4 [at] (fsr4[at]stura[dot]tu-freiberg[dot]de) 
  • Student Council 5 - Materials Science and Materials Engineering, fsr5 [at] (fsr5[at]stura[dot]tu-freiberg[dot]de)
  • Student Council 6 - Business Administration, fsr6 [at] (fsr6[at]stura[dot]tu-freiberg[dot]de)

Academic Advising at our Faculties

The education representatives are available to students throughout their entire period of study as contact persons for questions regarding study organization.

Faculty 1: Mathematics and Computer Science

Dr. Udo Lorz
Akademiestr. 6, Mittelbau, Zi. 1.09 b
udo.lorz [at]

Faculty 2: Chemistry and Physics

Bianca Störr
Leipziger Str. 29, Zi. 211a
Bianca.Stoerr [at]
Dr. Jan Beyer
Leipziger Str. 23, Zi. EG.19
jan.beyer [at]

Faculty 3: Geosciences, Geoengineering and Mining

Andrea Docekal
Gustav-Zeuner-Str. 12, EG Zi. 118
Andrea.Docekal [at]

Faculty 4: Mechanical, Process and Energy Engineering 

Dr. Andrea Dög
Leipziger Str. 30, 1. Etage
09599 Freiberg
Andrea.Doeg [at]
Dr. Egle Dietzen
Dekanat für Maschinenbau, Verfahrens-und Energietechnik
Leipziger Straße 30, 09599 Freiberg
egle.dietzen [at]

Faculty 5: Materials Science and Technology

Dr.-Ing. Dirk Renker
Haus Metallkunde
Gustav-Zeuner-Str. 5, 09599 Freiberg
Dirk.Renker [at]

Faculty 6: Business Administration 

Dr. Andrea Neumann
Schlossplatz 1, Zimmer EG.104
Andrea.Neumann [at]

Additional Service, Counseling, and Support Offerings

Offerings from departments and facilities at the university

Karriereberatung Career Center
Career Orientation
Career Center, R 2.405 - 2.407, Prüferstr. 2, +49 3731 39-3303
Gründernetzwerk Saxeed
Entrepreneurship/Start-Up Consulting
Gründernetzwerk SAXEED, Akademiestr. 6, +49 3731 39-3887,
Media Services
Digitization of teaching materials, graphic design & typesetting, printing, rental of media equipment; Media Center, Prüferstr. 1A, +49 3731 39-2450
Service Desk
Service Desk
The Service Management System KIX allows for the structured submission and processing of tickets/requests, including fault reports, service inquiries, and information inquiries.