This is us

Your student representatives

The student representatives are the first contact for students of the faculty and form an important contact to the professors and employees. It consits of nine elected members and is complemented by free-lancing members. It is responsible for the introduction of the freshmen and organises various events for the students of the faculty. Furthermore you can get different materials like old exams from them. The members hold a public meeting every Monday in their office.

The foundation for our meetings is the agenda of the student representatives, you can find it here.

Our members:

namedegree programposition
Johannes Kluger5. NTchairman
Tobias Ueberschär3. NTspokesperson
Ulrich Meier5. WWT1. financial officer
Bastian Zötzl3. NT2. financial officer
Meike Bösel5. NTpublic relations and social media
Anne Pfohl7. WWT
Robin Frigge9. NT1. BBQ agent
Alexander Kaufmann9. NTcommunication with StuRa, clerk
Sarada BiswalMMTinternational
free-lancing members
Paul Ritter
Franziska Ueberschär
StuRa members of our faculty
Iris Cramer
Fabian Kaulfuß
Shayak Majumder