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The new Master's programme International Business and Resources in Emerging Markets (IBRE) replaces the previous programmes International Business in Developing and Emerging Markets (IBDEM) and International Management of Resources and Environment (IMRE), and offers two specialisations: one on International Business and one on Resources and Environment.

Mathematics and natural sciences

Study programmeBachelorMasterDiplom
German Applied Computer Sciencexx 
German Applied Mathematics  x
German Applied Natural Sciencexx 
German Business Mathematicsxx 
German Chemistryxxx
English Mathematics for Data and Resource Sciences x 
German Mathematics in business, engineering and computer scienceV
German RoboticsV
English Sustainable and Innovative Natural Resource Management – SINReM x 


Study programmeBachelorMasterDiplom
English Advanced Mineral Resources Development x 
German Geoecology (Earth System Science)xx 
German Geotechnics, Mining and Geo-Energy  x
German Geoinformatics x 
German Geoinformatics and Geophysicsx  
German Geology/Mineralogyx  
English Geomatics for Mineral Resource Management x 
German Geophysics x 
English Geoscience x 
German Geosciences x 
English Groundwater Management x 
German Mine Surveying and Applied Geodesy  x
English Sustainable Mining and Remediation Management x 

Engineering sciences

Study programmeBachelorMasterDiplom
German Additive manufacturing (technology, material, design)x  
German Advanced Components: Materials for mobility x
English Advanced Materials Analysis x 
German Automotive Construction: Materials and Components x
German Ceramic, Glass and Building Materials Technology xx
English Computational Materials Science x 
German Energy Engineeringxx 
German Engineeringx  
German Environmental Engineering x 
German Foundry Technologyxx 
German Industrial Engineering and Managementxxx
German Materials Science and Technologyxxx
English Mechanical and Process Engineering x 
German Mechanical Engineeringxxx
English Metallic Materials Technology x 
German Nanotechnology xx
German Process Engineeringxxx
English Technology and Application of Inorganic Engineering Materials x 

Economics and interdisciplinary

Study programmeBachelorMasterDiplom
German Business Administrationxx 
German Business Administration for the Resource Based Industry  x
German Business Analytics x 
German Business and Lawx  
German Energy and Resource Management x 
German Industrial Archaeologyx  
German Industrial Culture x 
German Industrial Engineering and Managementxxx
English International Business and Resources in Emerging Markets - IBREx
German Technology Law x 

Postgraduate study programmes

Study programmeBachelorMasterDiplom
German Business Administration for Engineers, Mathematicians and Scientists  x
German Environmental Process Engineering  x


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