Master Geomatics for Mineral Resource Management


FacultyFakultät 3 - Geowissenschaften, Geotechnik und Bergbau
DegreeMaster of Science (M.Sc.)
Standard period of study4 Semester
Start of studiesWintersemester
Admission requirement

Bachelor of Science in Geoinformatics, Geodesy, Geoengineering or comparable subjects

English language proficiency (TOEFL 90 points, IELTS 7,0)

German language proficiency B1

Application deadline15 April
Tuition feesNone

Study concept

What is Geomatics?

Geomatics is an interdisciplinary field of research that combines aspects of surveying and sensor technology with data processing, geoinformatics and geomodelling. The main focus of Geomatics lies on the regulation and control of the interplay between resource extraction and its environmental impact.

Why should I study Geomatics for Mineral Resource Management?

Having excellently trained experts in the field of Geomatics is more important now than ever. The reason for that is the continuously rising global demand for raw materials, which leads to the extraction of mineral resources in areas of the geosphere that are more difficult to access. Simultaneously, the highest levels of safety as well as environmental and social regulations need to be fulfilled, and the optimal use of natural resources by maximizing recovery is desired. This requires engineers to be able to develop new innovative solutions, making the best use of most modern technology to acquire, manage and analyze geodata.

What will I learn in Geomatics?

The educational content focuses on these pillars:

  • Sensing technologies for mine data gathering,
  • Spatial (big) data management and visualization and
  • Spatial (big) data analysis and modelling.

The aim of this MSc course is to enable students to integrate these three pillars into innovative Geomonitoring concepts.
Students will be exposed to the most recent research originating from several large European research projects. The implemented interaction with several local industry partners will allow students to work on real projects, understand industry needs and to train and develop their entrepreneurial skills. With a guided but
flexibly designed exchange programme between partnered universities, students will be exposed to different fields of expertise and cultural environments. Graduates are expected to be future leaders in the field of technology development and innovation bringing modern geomatics concepts to marketable products for a secured future in the mineral resource industry.

Further information: Website of the Master programme Geomatics for Mineral Resource Management


Admission requirements

  • Bachelor certificate (or equivalent university degree) in the field of Mine Surveying, Geoscience, Geodesy, Geoinformatics or Geo-Engineering
  • Proof of completion of the following or equivalent modules: Higher Mathematics for Engineers 1 and 2, Introduction to Computer Science, Physics for Engineers, Data Analysis / Statistics and General Basics of Surveying and Instrument Technology, Introduction to Geosciences
  • English language proficiency: Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a total score of at least 90 points (internet-based test);  International English Language Test System (IELTS) with a score of 7,0 or applicants whose national or official language is English
  • German language proficiency of level B1 or above after the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. For specialization 2: Mine Surveying, the Goethe Certificate B2 or telc Deutsch B2 is recommended, as this specialization contains German-language modules

Application Periods

01.01.-15.04. for winter semester

Application Process

Please apply only if you already have fulfilled the admission requirements at the time of application. 

If you do not fulfil them by then, your application will not be considered in the selection process. 

Further information on the formal application process can be found here.

You can apply via our application portal

After a self-registration you will receive your personal login data and you can start the application for the course of study.

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Tables with modules, sorted by semester

Specialisation Geomatics for Mineral Resource Management

  • Offered by TU Bergakademie Freiberg/Germany
  • Focuses on the process of resource modelling and mine management
  • Subjects related to the field mining and mineral resources
  • Financial, environmental, political as well as the legal aspects of national and international mining projects are included

Specialisation Mine Surveying

  • Offered as a joint course between TU Bergakademie Freiberg and Montan Universität Leoben (Austria)
  • Acquisition, processing and evaluation of surveying data and other (big) data during a mining process
  • Measurement techniques fitted for applications in a mining environment
  • Modern computational applications in mining such as machine vision and other relevant techniques

Job opportunities

  • Raw materials management: e.g. in mine surveying departments of mining and exploration companies
  • Geotechnical engineering: e.g. tunnel construction, dam construction, remediation mining, utility companies Software and hardware development
  • Sales: e.g. in the field of geotechnics
  • Public administration: e.g. mining and environmental authorities

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