Leave of absence from the course

Reasons for leave ab absence

According to Section 12 of the enrolment directive of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg the following shall apply:

"(1) A student may be granted leave of absence from his course upon application and for important reasons. The reason claimed for the leave of absence is to be stated and evidenced.

(2) Important reasons in the sense of par. 1 are especially:

  • illness,
  • preparing for repeat examinations,
  • study visits abroad,
  • additional internships, which are not part of the respective examination and study directives.

(3) Maternity or parental leave, as well as the fulfillment of a legal service obligation are not to be taken into account in regards to the deadlines in accordance with paragraph 2.

(4) A leave of absence is not valid:

  • for the first graduate school program or for the first graduate school program, where an evaluation has been carried out in regards to a change of university or course, as well as during vocational training preparing for university, except for long-term illnesses, the completion of official duties or in the case of maternity or parental leave.
  • after the completion of courses or lecture periods for the current semester,
  • for previous semesters,
  • during the development of the final dissertation."

Duration of the leave ob absence

According to Section 12 of the enrolment directive of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg the following shall apply:

"(2) The duration of the leave of absence is regulated by Section 20 par. 2 SächsHSFG. As far as discretionary power has been granted to the university in regards to the duration, the university shall decide via the responsible examination board. 

Rights and obligations during the leave of absence

"(6) During the leave of absence, the student’s rights and obligations shall remain unaffected, except for the obligation of a correct course of studies.

The application for leave of absence (form) is usually to be submitted until the start of the semester.

The university shall decide in regards to exceptions to paragraph 5. Should a retrospectively valid leave of absence become necessary, the performances achieved so far shall remain valid. 

(7) Vacation semesters do not count as semesters of study and will not be taken into account in regards to the number of semesters required to complete the course.

(8) Students on leave may be released from the obligation to pay fees or contributions on application.

Such releases from the payment of contributions towards the student union in Freiberg are decided by the student union in Freiberg; the application is to be submitted within the stipulated notice periods.

A possible release from the payment obligation towards the student body is regulated by its constitution."

Application for leave ob absence

1. Application

In order to apply for leave of absence, the available form shall be used (pdf document). It may also be obtained in the student office. 

2. Return confirmation regarding the course

Even in the case of leave of absence, a return confirmation regarding the course is required before the start of each semester. The return confirmation is executed via the payment of the semester contribution. Further information in regards to the return confirmation is available.


Application for leave of absence in regards to the course