1. Dormitory
  2. Private rental companies in Freiberg
    1. Weblinks: Information providers and housing search engines
  3. Help by the International Centre

To find a flat in Freiberg, please ask yourself what kind of accommodation do you prefer:

  • A room in one of the dormitories provided by the Student Services Office ("Studentenwerk Freiberg")
  • A rented single apartment or
  • a room in a flat-sharing community provided by a private rental company?

1. Dormitory

studentenwohnheim-freibergTo get a room in one of the dormitories of the Student Services Office please apply early by using this online form.

Located on campus you can reach the faculty buildings with it's lecture halls, the library and the canteen as well as the city centre on foot. The monthly cost is 180 – 250 Euros per person plus utilities. The monthly rent includes services costs.

For more information please visit the website of the Student Services Office.

Finding a short term accommodation

  • hometogo.de/Freiberg is a search engine for pensions, holiday apartments and hotels in Freiberg and the surrounding area


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2. Private rental companies in Freiberg

In addition, we recommend this website to find a flat on the private rental market in Freiberg: http://www.wg-gesucht.de/en/wg-zimmer-in-Freiberg.

For short stays we recommend the register of accomodation for hotels and guesthouses in the Freiberg area.

Weblinks: Information providers and housing search engines 

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3. Help by the International Office

The International Centre helps you to find an accommodation if you haven't got a reservation at the dormitory. You can contact us in this matter by using this e-mail address: accommodation-assistanceatiuz [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de.

If you have one, you could also ask your buddy ("Mentor"; see buddy programme) to help you finding a flat.


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