Financial support

The costs and living expenses in Freiberg are low compared to that of most major German cities. Nevertheless, financing your studies is one of the decisive factors that influence the duration and success of your studies.

There are various funding opportunities for international students to study in Germany. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is at the top of the list of sponsors, followed by party-affiliated foundations, confessional institutions and business-related organisations.

The DAAD offers scholarships for foreign students, academics and researchers. Search the DAAD scholarship database to find the right opportunities for you. The database contains DAAD's own offers as well as offers from other funding institutions.
Please note that the DAAD does not award scholarships for first-year students.

Funding opportunities in Freiberg

Earn money during your studies with a part-time job

Freiberg also offers you opportunities to earn money while you study. For example, as a temp in a café or restaurant, as a research assistant, as a private tutor or as a temp in the student union canteen.

However, a good knowledge of German is often a prerequisite for a part-time job.

Information on the legal requirements can be found on the website, published by the DAAD.

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