Re-registration for studies


According to Section 11 of the valid enrolment directive of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, each student has to reregister (return confirmation) for each semester in due form and time in order to continue their studies. The return confirmation for the continuation of the studies is executed by fulfilling the legal payment obligations of fees and contributions in connection with the enrolment. It is fulfilled once the fees and contributions have been deposited with the university, and as long as there are no other grounds for denying an approval.

Return confirmation deadlines

Students have to register until the deadline indicated. An application for re-enrollment which is not submitted in due time might cause de-registration until the end of current semester.

For the summer semester 2023:

15th December 2022 – 28th February 2023 

For the winter semester 2023/24:15th June 2023 – 31st August 2023

Semester contribution

The semester contribution amounts to:

94,00 EUR

Note: 87 € contribution towards the student union + 7 € student body membership fee)    


If you pay the semester fee by bank transfer, please use the following information:

Recipient: Hauptkasse des Freistaates Sachsen
Bank: Deutsche Bundesbank
IBAN: DE22 8600 0000 0086 0015 22
Amount: 94,00 €
Customer reference number: PK-Nr.:7095.0106.2140-S
Reason for Payment: first and last name, enrolment number

Please be aware that it takes up to 10 days until the paymant is received and we can register you.

Direct Debit

As well as making a bank transfer, it is possible to carry out the return confirmation via direct debit using the self-service portal.

For this, you would have to issue a mandate as the account holder. You can issue a mandate using the self-service portal by following the menu item Studiumsverwaltung/Bezahlen&Rückmelden. Please note: This is only possible if you have a German bank account.

After completing the mandate, please print it off. You will have to add the date, place and a signature. Please hand the mandate over to the student office, or send it to the following address (only original documents are valid!):

TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Akademiestraße 6
09599 Freiberg

After its receipt, the mandate will be activated by the student office. As soon as the mandate status has been set to active (you can check this under menu item Studiumsverwaltung/Bezahlen&Rückmelden, the required direct debit order for payment of the semester contribution can be initiated by the student in self-service-portal. You are then immediately register and can download the enrollment certificate immediately.

In the case of a change in the account number, the mandate is to be revoked and to be issued anew. Please use the form Revocation of a Mandate in order to issue such a revocation. Revocation of a Mandate