Learning platform and IT services

Numerous electronic services, the learning platform OPAL, the tools of online teaching are helpful for a mobile and well-networked study.

The learning platform OPAL – Everything that makes studying easier

Self-study courses, lecture recordings and digital scripts are available on OPAL. For questions, further information, materials for your department, helpful links and tips, students can contact the E-Learning Coordination Office (elearningattu-freiberg [dot] de)

OPAL Lernplattform

OPAL – the online learning platform of the Saxon universities

In addition to the provision of scripts and enrolment in courses, OPAL offers many possibilities to make studying more transparent. Just have a look at the catalogue - UniLogin is enough!

Personal user account for every student

With the enrolment, each student receives her/his personal login. It is an access code consisting of a combination of eight letters and numbers). This central login gives access to all IT services.

Follow these three important steps:

  1. Login to the IDM portal
  2. Activate your personal user account
  3. Change the initial password

If you forget your password, it can be reset to the initial password. So please take good care of the note for user registration.

E-Mail box and webmail

The university e-mail address is assigned according to the scheme vorname [dot] nameatstudent [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de. The entire university e-mail traffic runs via this address.

The webmail interface gives you easy access to your mailbox from any networked computer in the world. Of course you can also integrate it into your existing e-mail clients and on your smartphone. You can find the configuration at the URZ in various manuals.

Up to date thanks to the Uni mailing list

The university's internal mailing list UNIINFO-L provides important information on the organisation of studies, i.e. on courses, excursions, events at the university, courses. In order not to miss any news, you should therefore use the mail address regularly and subscribe to UNIINFO-L. You can manage your subscription in the IDM-Portal.

Globally networked with VPN

A laptop and a smartphone lie on a desk. The University Computer Centre provides employees and students with secure access (IPSec-encrypted VPN access) to the internal campus data network. Thus, the local network of the university can be accessed from on the road. Have a look at the manual.

Wireless internet connection via eduroam

Free WLAN access is available on the entire campus. With their login and password, students can log into the eduroam network at all locations of participating universities, colleges and organizations worldwide. At the website of the university computer centre you will find instructions for eduroam setup for different operating systems.

Cloud and storage space

You get your own home drive with at least 100 GB of storage space on which you can store all your university data. We also make regular backups of your data so that you can restore files that you have accidentally deleted.

You can also access them from anywhere in the world via the Ownsky Cloud. You only need to mount the drive once.

E-Learning – Study with digital tools and media

E-Learning KoordinationsstelleE-Learning Coordination Office Designing the daily study routine with digital media. For this purpose we offer you various e-learning tools and services. You can find a more detailed list on the e-learning blog of the e-learning coordination office.

Current Microsoft Office suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc.) for free

Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus is available to all students free of charge for the duration of their studies.

Instructions on how to download and install the office suite

Registration portal: Campus Sachsen

Online-Service of the University Library

The library offers students research possibilities in the online catalogue, in e-journals and in subject databases. The library also offers the possibility to borrow iPads. Further information can be found in the online help.

Media Technology, Print & Design

The media centre offers students and staff the opportunity to print course scripts, posters, materials and theses. Various media equipment can also be borrowed. Take a look at the services offered by the Media Centre.

For the creation of materials following the university's corporate design guidelines, these guidelines, templates and logos are available for university members.

Questions and problems regarding IT services

If you have any IT questions or problems, you can always contact the IT Service Desk in the University Computer Centre. This is the central contact point for all users. The e-mail address for students is itnutzerberatungattu-freiberg [dot] de.

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