Information about the chip card as student ID

Use of the student card

The student card is a chip card that fulfills numerous functions. Personal data can be stored on it with special read-write devices.

The following tasks can be performed with the student card:

Validation after re-registrationValidation terminals in the waiting area (on the ground floor) at Akademiestraße 6 and in the library, Agricolastr. 10, for the validation process see below
Borrowing books and electronic mediaCounters and self-checkout terminal at the university library, Agricolastr. 10 and its branches.
Key for lockers in the university libraryLockers in the foyer of the university library, Agricolastr. 10
Paying in the canteen
(payment function)*

Cash desks in the dining rooms, in the cafeteria and at some coffee machines in the new cafeteria, Agricolastr. 10a

For this purpose, a one-time activation at the initialization terminal is necessary. The terminal is located in the foyer of the canteen, entrance left, left rear column.

Since the SS22 all Student cards have the ability to use the new Autoload function. You can find more information about this function at the website of the Studentenwerk.

Recharge of the money volume for the payment functionMoney recharge stations in the canteen, Agricolastr. 10a
Access to the buildings and
PC Pools
University building of the faculty in which a student is enrolled, prior activation in the control center is required

* The payment function can only be used for food and drinks in the canteen.

Validation terminal

The terminal is used to validate your student card. This means that after you have re-registered for the respective semester, the new validity period (always until the end of the semester) is printed and coded. (Please consider the bank processing period.)

Validation is only possible and necessary for student IDs that will be in circulation from summer semester 2014 onwards (see illustration). The validation not only visually updates the validity, but also recodes it. The "VS" printed on the stripe indicates that you are a member of the composed student body and therefore eligible to vote. A "U" would indicate a vacation semester.

Besides the function of visible validity for your student card, the coding is done to follow the accounting logic of the cafeteria. Only students with validated IDs can eat in the cafeteria at student rates, otherwise guest fees will be charged after a waiting period.

The old ID cards are still valid and can be used as usual! An exchange is not necessary, not even for the use of the cafeteria!



  1. Insert student card
  2. If the card has been inserted incorrectly, a short message appears on the display.
  3. If the re-registration has not yet been received despite the bank transfer, a short message will also appear.
  4. If  the re-registration has been received, wait briefly and the validated card will be ejected.

Loss of the student card

If your student card is lost or destroyed, you can apply for a new card at the Student Office in the main building, Akademiestrasse 6, room EG.12. The cost for this is 16,00 Euro.

Defect of a function of the student card

If the chip for the payment function or for the access to the buildings is not working, it is possible to apply for a free replacement card at the admission office, after the defect has been confirmed by the relevant authorities (confirmation by the cafeteria for the wallet; confirmation by the control center of the university computer center for the access to buildings).

For replacement cards, you must have the wallet of the chip card unlocked at the initialization terminal in the cafeteria before using the card. The terminal is located in the foyer of the canteen, entrance left, left rear column. The activation for access to the buildings of your faculty can be done on Fridays from 9.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. in the control center of the university computer center (Karl-Kegel-Bau, entrance Agricolastraße, ground floor).

At the end of your studies, the remaining balance of your wallet in the cafeteria can be paid out at the cash desk in the cafeteria. The chip card must be handed in at the Student Office of the University, Akademiestr. 6.

Replacement chip card Access rights

Students who need a new student card due to access authorizations will receive a new student card upon request against submission of the old card. Please report to the Student Office with the completed application. further information

Copy function

Note on the copy function: Copying is only possible with a separate copy card, not with the student card. The price of a copy card for students is 5.00 € incl. VAT. This amount consists of a 4.00 € deposit and 1.00 € starting credit. The copy card can be purchased from a vending machine in the University Library.

With the new copy card, copies become cheaper. It is also valid at the TU Dresden.

Map for all public copiers
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