guest audition


The guest audition has the purpose to expand, deepen or update your general and/or special knowledge and can be requested for the study programmes of the university, including the Studium generale and further education courses.

The available courses for a guest audition can be found in the current course catalogue of the university. If you want to participate in a language course please inform yourself whether the language course will take place at the language department of the international office.


The applicant should submit his application at the Admission's office until one month after the beginning of the summer-/ winter semester (30 April/ 30 October).

There won't be any admission requirements for the participation in studies as a guest auditor. However, there might be participation restrictions if the available capacity has reached its limits.

The following rules apply for a guest audition:

  • guest auditors will not be enrolled
  • the guest audition charges a fee
  • the participation in exams is charged with a fee
  • by request of the guest auditor you can get a certificate about your participation in the courses
  • you cannot obtain a university degree



Admission's office

Akademiestraße 6, room EG 12

Tel. +49 3731 39-3912
zulassungsbueroatzuv [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de