Formalities are an important part of the tasks to be completed by an applicant and a student. As a prospective student it is all about application and enrollment. But there are also some regulations to be observed during the studies.

Formalities in the course of study

Students have to take care of many things themselves: re-registration for each semester, registration for examinations, application for a vacation semester and much more. Dates and deadlines must be observed and applications must be made.


For all concerns and questions that arise during the course of your studies, please contact the staff member in the student office responsible for you.

Application for

  • Recognition of study and examination
  • Leave of absence from studies
  • Application for change of study program
  • Application for admission to the 2nd repeat examination
  • Exemption from the student union fee
  • Enrollment in a Master program (only for Bachelor students of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg)
  • Applying for a guest auditorium
  • Lateral entry


to the forms

Registration for the exams

Examinations are taken during the course of study. Students register for them at the student office. There you will also receive performance summaries.

Semester dates

Formalities at the end of the studies

Exmatriculation is at the end of a course of study, whether it is prematurely due to failure to re-register, failure to pass an examination or successful completion of the course. In any case, the contact person is the student office.

After the completion of the Bachelor's degree, a Master's degree can be taken up or one decides to enter the profession after the Master's or diploma or to take up a doctorate. You will find support and advice for this