Applying And Admission

Information for applicants from abroad

Application (with domestic access authorisation)

Bachelor and Diploma Study

Admission requirements, formalities, application deadlines for old and new high school graduates for the winter semester and the summer semester, apply online  more information

  • Application for an open admissions programme
  • Application for a restricted admissions programme
  • Application for interested parties without high school diploma

Master Degree

Information for applicants wishing to take up a Master's programme more information

Qualified professionals for access examination

Employed persons with completed vocational training and professional experience have the possibility to acquire the right to study at the TU Bergakademie via an entrance examination. more information

Guest Audience

The auditorium serves to broaden, deepen or update general and/or specialist knowledge and can be applied for courses of direct studies including the Studium generale and continuing education courses.  more information

Second Degree

A second degree is a course of study following a university degree already obtained in another course of study for which the first degree is not an admission requirement. weiter

Enrolment and matriculation for studies

Once you have been admitted and have sent all your enrolment documents to the Admissions Office, you will be enrolled at the TU Bergakademie, i.e. enrolled as a student at the university. We will inform you which requirements have to be met in order to be enrolled. more information

Start of studies: preliminary courses and introductions

Before the start of your studies, we offer preliminary courses in mathematics, physics and chemistry, introductory events in the courses and various introductions such as library use, e-learning, etc.. more information