University statement on the current situation / Заява з університету

The Rectorate and the Deans of TU Bergakademie Freiberg clearly position themselves against violence of any kind and condemn the military attacks of the Russian government on Ukraine. War must not be a means of confrontation and safeguarding interests between nations.

"We stand for peaceful solutions and dialogue. Openness to the world, peace, democracy, tolerance and freedom of opinion are values that we stand for at TU Bergakademie Freiberg, that we live every day and that we teach to our students from all over the world. The invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops and the military attacks stand against all these values and have severe consequences on our long-standing scientific relations. The belligerent actions of the Russian state, which are contrary to international law, currently make scientific cooperation with Russian public bodies impossible for us. Therefore, with immediate effect, we are turning away from projects with state influence and are freezing relations with Russian government institutions.

Our full solidarity and great concern at the moment is for Ukraine, our Ukrainian students, teachers and likewise our scientists with families in Ukraine, as well as our partners in Ukraine. We hope that the attacks will stop soon. Furthermore, the university will undertake every effort to provide support on a humanitarian and financial level.

TU Bergakademie Freiberg also stands in solidarity with Russian students, scientists and scholars who cherish democracy and peace and who are not to be associated with the military operations. We will undertake a process of engagement with colleagues from this region to discuss ways to activate our support. We hope that the relations between the members of our community from both regions will not suffer from the aggression of the Russian state power, and that reason as well as  the excellent cooperations will be preserved."

Заява Університету щодо поточної ситуації в Україні - translated version

Заявление Университета о текущей ситуации в Украинe - translated version