Special DFG program for Ukraine

The ongoing Russian war of aggression against Ukraine and the situation of scientists there continue to be viewed with great concern by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) as well.

The DFG has been supporting scientists who have fled their home countries since December 2015 and, in this context, refugees from Ukraine since the beginning of the year. But support is also needed on the ground. In many cases, researchers can no longer or can barely make a living because their positions are no longer or not fully funded. In addition to the funding measures already initiated by the DFG, the DFG is therefore now offering separate support for Ukrainian researchers (project leaders) who are in Ukraine and whose research can continue: Within the framework of the existing DFG procedure "Cooperation with Developing Countries", applicants in Germany can now apply for funds for the living expenses of Ukrainian project leaders in the amount of a maximum of 1,000 euros per month per project leader in addition to funds for project implementation in Ukraine in the case of material grants, research groups and priority programs, and forward these funds to them in the case of approval.

For new research projects with cooperation partners in Ukraine, funds can be applied for according to the existing rules for "Cooperation with Developing Countries" (DFG form 54.013, see link below). Applicants in Germany are requested to enter the total amount of funds requested for the partners in Ukraine in the elan portal in the basic module under "Material resources" under "Other". A detailed list of these requested funds is required in the "Description of the project - Project proposal".

These funds can also be requested for already existing DFG-funded research projects via so-called supplementary applications. The application is possible in already running German-Ukrainian or so far purely German projects. If scientists from Ukraine are to be newly included in projects in this way, it must be explained what work is to be added to the current projects. The additional applications can be submitted informally via the elan portal (see link below).

Together with the applications (new applications or supplementary applications), proof must be submitted in each case by the respective Ukrainian research institutions or universities showing by what amount and for what reasons the salary is currently below the pre-war salary or that and why no salary can be paid at present and in the foreseeable future. 

It is not possible to apply outside of DFG projects. The possibility to apply is limited to a period of two years until further notice and applies to all applications received by the DFG up to and including 15.9.2024. 

Projects with a small financial volume are also welcome in order to initiate collaborations and prepare joint more extensive projects. For the initiation of joint projects, funds can be applied for in the funding instrument "Establishing International Collaborations" (see link below).

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