Conference of Ministers of Education regulates University Access for Ukrainian Refugees

Students who are unable to complete their secondary education in Ukraine due to refugee status can still apply to study in Germany. This has been decided by the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs.

The reason for this decision is that in 2022 there will be no regular state examinations in Ukraine for the acquisition of the secondary school leaving certificate II and that refugees from Ukraine will not be able to complete their school year or academic year in a regular manner. "The affected students should not suffer any disadvantage as a result," said Karin Prien, President of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs and Minister for Education, Science and Culture of the State of Schleswig-Holstein. 

The same applies to students in Ukraine in their first year of study. Even if the academic year could not be completed, it is possible to start studying at a German university.

In principle, with the Ukrainian Secondary School Certificate II, access to higher education in Germany is possible via the Studienkolleg. Prospective students with academic achievements apply directly to a German university. 

The resolution of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (Kultusministerkonferenz) of December 3, 2015, remains unchanged for applicants who, due to flight, are unable to provide proof of the higher education entrance qualification acquired in their home country. The resolution provides for a three-stage plausibility check procedure in the case of missing or incomplete proof. 

On the resolutions of the Conference:

The Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) provides further information on university access via its information portal anabin.