ESF junior research group of wide band gap semiconductors


Defect-Engineering in wide band gap semiconductors for applications
in opto and power electronics


Logo ESFThe goal of HalMa is to improve the availability and functionality of GaN and related wide band gap semiconductors, for instance aluminium nitride (AlN). The group is dealing with the whole innovation chain starting from alternative growth methods and material characterization to the point of the development of new methods for fast quality monitoring of the semiconducting materials and devices in an industrial environment.

The group, which is led by Franziska Beyer and Christian Röder, launched in spring 2016 and consists of seven junior scientists.

Dr. Christian Röder, Simon Liebing, Dr. Mykhailo Barchuk, Tom Schneider, friederike Zimmermann, Valentin Garbe und Dr. Franziska Beyer