EXIST Bootcamp

In the EXIST bootcamp, founders receive expert support from our start-up advisors in preparing the EXIST funding application within four weeks.

Target group

  • Founder teams who want to prepare an EXIST application


  • Results-oriented and plannable preparation of the application
  • Exchange with other founding teams during the application process

Procedure & Registration

  • The EXIST Bootcamp takes place every year in June and November/December:
    • 1st week: Business idea
    • 2nd week: Innovation and team
    • 3rd Week: Market
    • 4th Week: Business planning
On Mondays, there is a full-day workshop with expert input from an experienced start-up advisor on a topic relevant to the application with corresponding exercises. From Tuesday to Thursday afternoon, the teams work independently on the topic. From Thursday afternoon, the topic is presented to the start-up advisors and selected regional partners, followed by a feedback session. On Friday, the feedback is incorporated by the team and the topic is completed. From Monday onwards, an analogous process begins until all four parts of the application have been completed.

Contact Person EXIST Bootcamp:

Andre Uhlmann

Andre Uhlmann

Site Manager | Founder Advisor

Phone +49 3731 39-3887
andre [dot] uhlmannattu-freiberg [dot] de